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At The Way Fellowship Church of Dallas, we value partnership. We are not just a platform for preaching and furthering the gospel—we’re a tribe of believers. As believers, we are called to live out our Christian lives within the context of the local church. In the way that the physical body has different, interconnected parts, Paul tells us that we are "members one to another." While remaining a guest of The Way or a regular attendee of our services is an option, the real essence and value of The Way begins with a partnership. The partnership signifies a commitment to the Lord and to The Way family. When you partner with us you're also partnering with the kingdom work that we're doing and saying, "Whatever I can do to further the vision, I'm in!" In turn, we commit to providing the resources to meet your spiritual needs. We are here to help you Know The Way, Go The Way, and Show The Way!


Step One

Step one: Fill out the new partners information card by clicking the "Click Here" button located above. 


Step Two 

Step Two: After completing the New Partners connect card located in step one, you can now proceed with signing up for our New Partners Class by clicking the above button. 


Step Three

Step Three: After completing the New Partners class located in step Two, you can now proceed with signing up for our discipleship class by clicking the above button.


Step Four

Step Four: Congratulation, You completed steps one through three. We're so excited that you have completed the member onboarding process. This last step is optional. Step four is for those who want to get involved in the ministry; by clicking the above link, you can sign up for any ministry you feel God has called you to. We can't wait for you to be apart of our volunteer family. 

Find out more about the different ministries at TWFCD by clicking the link below. 

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If you have any questions or concern, please email

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